Deanship for Students' Affairs

The deanship of students affairs was set up in 1995 to take over the full supervision of the affairs of the students during their university studies, and represents the Dean of Student Affairs Blue Nile University student's family inside the campus, a melting pot where all norms fused entities located on it is represented by colleges in the university complexes responsible for the care and Tnnzim student programs and extra-curricular activities of all sorts Different, and to serve as advice and guidance and control and activation of the rules of Educational behavior and setting a good example and exhortation, and the application of laws. We remind our students and our students Alamagd that supervisors colleges are as Your parents and your brothers and sisters shall never hesitate to Aljaw them and seeking their help and expertise in resolving all the problems that confront you. With Aaz b wishes that the Blue Nile University prevails stability and quality of the collection.

Goals and routers:

  • The Deanship of Student Affairs deals with affairs of the students and prepares cultural and artistic programs that enable them to develop talents and their self abilities .
  • Help students solving various problems as to create the appropriate environment to improve academic achievement.
  • Enrich campus life by removing stagnation and boredom then break down leisure time through sports and cultural programs in competitive and recreational way .
  • Social climate and psychological and educational upgrade appropriate for the student, which is appointed by the university to adapt to the academic and social life.

The university should be linked with community through sports competitions and various convoys, academic trips to strengthen relations with Educational Establishments and sports bodies inside and outside the country.

The students behavior statute and its readjustment :

The university has organized this statute to readjust the student behavior:

  • Commitment:The students must sign pledge that they will Commit by this system and all the regulations of the university.
  • Date: every student must complete the registration procedures with the total recorded at the beginning of each semester, as used in the various colleges systems.
  • After completing the registration procedure gives the university student card.
  • Student must carry and permanently university card and fleshed when so requested.
  • The student is not allowed to attend lectures or take advantage of the library or the exercise of the different types of activity, unless receiving a university card.

 The student may not be registered any unless highlights the following:

  • A certificate proving the absence tip of the library and the laboratory and are excluded from this new students.
  • A medical certificate when requested to do so.
  • Support the payment of tuition and required fees.
  • Any other certificates determined by the university.


  • Registration will be at the places and times specified by the boards of colleges not to exceed a period of two weeks from the beginning of the registration period for the semester except for the cases approved by the College Board.

Commitment to the laws of the country:

  • Students behavior should be consistent with the lows of the country and he is not allowed to disservice to the reputation of the university .

Date in other institutions of education:

  • The student who was registered at the university to award scientific certificate , is not allowed to in entitle at any other educational establishments.

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