Secretariat of Scientific Affairs

Secretariat of Scientific Affairs is working on the development and follow-up academic performance of colleges at the university, institutes and various academic units in terms of curriculum and exams through deans and college boards in addition to overseeing the implementation of the Masters Council and its committees specialized and training of university staff members of the faculties and others.

It is also responsible for following up and Supervising the exams, and the preparation and adoption of scientific and honorary certificates and awards and to prepare and deliver the graduation certificates at a ceremony hosted by the university. As well as the coordination and follow-up training plans for the university according to the Organization for the regulations, and follow up on the academic performance of the envoys of the university internally and externally as well as monitoring and implementation of cultural exchange and revitalization programs, and save images from the academic performance of student records and recommendation to the faculty council's annual calendar of the University

The Structure of Scientific Affairs contains of the fallowing section:

  • Secretary of Scientific Affairs
  • Deputy Secretary of Scientific Affairs

And the following boroughs:

  • Admission and Registration Division
  • Examinations Section
  • Board of professors Affairs Department
  • Teaching Assistants Department
  • ESS and information

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