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The main library of the University of the Blue Nile was established in 1995 the compound colleges , to provide services for colleges in the city , then another branch was established in the year 1997 in the faculty of engineering in Al Balrusirs, remained libraries university evolve through the provision and provided with books and new references to cope with all the newly issued by the role of the various publishing.


The main objectives of the Library:

It aims to:

  • Fulfill the purposes of teaching and scientific research by providing references and books.
  • Collecting and preserving heritage.
  • Provide opportunities for those wishing to take advantage of the citizens of library collections without negative impact on the beneficiaries of the community within the university, in order to achieve the social goal of the University.

Library Holdings:

Library contains groups (references and books) printed in the disciplines: education, economics, nursing and health sciences also contain references electronic books in economics , business administration and nursing and several references written in telecommunications engineering and electricity, mechanics and civil Engineering, in addition to books and periodicals in the field of public culture

Sections of the Library:

  • Services Section: This section concerns with organizing books and references, also foreign loan and internal borrowing and guidance
  • Technical Services Department and is entrusted with the tasks of recording and cataloging and classification of books.


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