Faculty of Education

College of Education is considered the actual nucleus of the University of the Blue Nile. College of Education seeks to achieve the following objectives: -

- Prepare and qualify students academically and professionally to work teaching in the public schools.


  • Contribute to the development of curricula and pedagogy and improve the profession of teaching.
  • Conducting research and theoretical studies and applied in the field of education and education in the various scientific disciplines in the college.
  • Raising up the efficiency of teachers and other educational staff leadership and argument.
  • Attention to pre-school education and counseling and guidance and adult education through educational activities.
  • To provide various colleges at the university and others with educational and teaching services
  • Attention to local environmental issues through appropriate programs and activities.
  • Confirm the identity of the nation and its authenticity through curricula, educational and cultural programs offered by the college.

Faculty of Education has begun like other colleges of education in the Sudanese universities of different States to provide services to the local community, which is in the rehabilitation and training of teachers in the foundation phase and has been accepted the first batch of teachers in the foundation phase in August 1995 and numbered about 80 teachers and teacher in the following year began to acceptance of the admissions office.

Message Faculty of Education:

Faculty of Education at the University of the Blue Nile Foundation Scientific Academy play multiple tasks educational, professional and cultural research seeks to provide its services in accordance with the Quality Standards

Faculty Vision:

Faculty of Education at the University of the Blue Nile operate according to the requirements and needs of the community in order to participate in the overall development plans to optimize and better. Therefore they are specialists and professionals in many areas:

Faculty offers to its members theoretical knowledge and practice to acquire the necessary skills in their areas of specialization, which enables them to carry out their duties with a high degree of professionalism and competency after graduation and control their behavior principles of the society including characterizes the originality of the values, principles and ethics, justice and equality

The Faculty also contributes through scientific research to find appropriate solutions to the problems of society, particularly in the field of education and also working through its participation diverse community activities at the scientific, educational and professional level of educational departments at different levels according to their needs

The Faculty of Education, performs an effective role in the field of educational and psychological cooperation between the colleges of education, and participates in community services also through cooperation with educational and cultural institutions in the local community.

Academic programs:

  • Education program of the basic level
  • Education program literary section
  • Education and Scientific Section program.
  • Faculty of Education awarded the following degrees: -
  • Bachelor of honor in education in five years after the completion of credit hours.
  • Bachelor of honor in Education and Arts in the five years after the completion of credit hours

Faculty of Education contains the following departments:

  • - Department of Arabic Language
  • - Department of Islamic Studies
  • - Department of Educational Sciences
  • - Department of English
  • - Department of Geography
  • - Department of History
  • - Department of Psychology
  • - Department of Science and Mathematics


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