Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Social

Creation and Evolution: College originated in 2000 under the name of the Faculty of additional studies and awards the mediator in business administration and accounting and computer science diploma. In 2004, a decision was made by the Council of the university administration to cancel Faculty additional studies and the establishment of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Social Commission for granted degree mediator in previous disciplinary diploma in addition to the degree of Bachelor.


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences looks to achieve a leadership role in teaching and scientific research, training, consultancy and community service in the fields of economics, finance and business, drawing on the unique and of the existence of highly qualified and distinguished faculty, researchers, staff capabilities

The message:

The college offers outstanding educational programs for students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The college continues to move towards the adoption Highness in outstanding scientific research to keep abreast of the latest developments and changes. The college offers qualified personnel to provide training and consulting services to meet the needs of domestic and external community.


1. graduate qualified to a high degree of education and training at the college majors on the level of excellence locally and abroad.

2. recruite of human knowledge and benefit from the college in various disciplines

3. The government sector and the business sector and institutions of various community service, and to contribute to the submission of proposals, policies and procedures that enable them to overcome the economic, administrative and financial problems faced

4. Performing necessary research and studies in various fields of specializations in line with the mission of the university to the community. College awards bachelor's degrees in business administration and accounting and information systems.

The college includes the following academic departments:-

1.Department of Business Administration

2.Department of Accounting

3.Department of Management Information Systems

4.Department of Economics



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