Faculty of Community

The Community College concerns with human skills and interpersonal skills between people and consider community texture Social completely integrated.College established since 2004 in Damazine gracious initiative of Professor / Mubarak Muhammad Ali Majzoub, Minister of Higher Education and the then Minister of State in the ministry and was formerly Professor / Mohammed Hassan Abdel Rahman, director of the University of time supporter of this Idea and an outlet so named in order to be relevant to the community and is a source of radiation civilized thought and culture Moreover concerned with women in particular.


The strategic goal of the college: -

Making a difference in the community to build a family-conscious interacting together working on the enjoyment of its member's good health and proper food and education orthodoxy and continuing education and awareness of life and religious rights and their relationships prevail love and compassion and contribute positively in the culture and civilization

College goals:

1. Training and providing with skills of ownership and improve the business of them to contribute and support family income for the purpose of self-sufficiency locally and marketing surplus to increase the family income

2. Reforming the religious values and fighting harmful habits.

3. Encourage the community and the energies and the development of Takaful constructive policies to support the family economically and remove the effects of poverty.

4. Protecting and developing the family and providing them with main services to raise up their social and productive abilities.

5. Training of educational wastage and young people and train those in the skills and knowledge related to the environment and to enable them to cope with ways of working.

6. Women's Empowerment and training socially, economically and politically, and culturally athletes and healthy.

7. Creating cadres and leaders to upgrade and develop parts of the state to organize courses, projects and programs in various fields

8. Establishing good values and the fight against harmful habits and negative phenomena threatening the values of social behavior.


/ Practical Training 2 / stay working 3 workshops / lectures 4 / Publications

Target segments:

Provide excellent service and a variety of education and training to all segments of society and the preparation of manpower and leadership conscious and make the most of all the possibilities human, scientific

Since the educational programs of institutions of higher education aim to specific age category of the community, There are other categories of those who did not receive a modicum of formal education or not awarded deal of it, and you need them to promote development and community development was of The duty of all society organizations working to build the capacity of these groups to contribute to nation-building and developing them ,and on top of these institutions of higher education with its possibilities of material and human women in particular slice for several reasons, including institutions:

The woman is the cornerstone of any family. Is the core component of the most influentl in societies.

Large and growing roles carried out by the development of rural communities in general and in particular.

Also women suffer from illiteracy rate which is about 70% of the total illiterate in Sudan. In addition to increasing their numbers as representing the female Approximately 50% of the population of Sudan, especially in the productive age groups, the piece had to be interest in this segment and to address their issues by raising capabilities and possessed the means and tools that enable them to achieve the same to participate in the development of society.

It is observed that half of the women who were educated , did not know to read and write so it did not require admission to the programs and activities of any academic qualifications and efficient age-specific, but their focus is on to improve their skills

College Vision

1. Find a moral learning environment contains elements that benefit society scientifically and practically.

2. Spread on rural communities.

The overall Message:

       College is working to push cultural awareness and increase per capita income to invest the human element out of poverty to satisfying basic needs and therefore has to be substantial transformation in society fixtures on the social and economic levels and are not taken to it, but depending on the Local resources of the community as the college seeks to achieve the aspirations of the community and build a modern state community development.

Branches implementing Community College Mosque Blue Nile:-

- Local Geissan – Abu Shanina - Abu apical - pant - pussy

- Local Jiabao - Mosaffa - Pau

- Local Damazin - the Islamic Dawa Organization - Al Serio - Inscription

- Local Roseires - Roseires youth center - vine - Alkdalu - Community Development Center.

- Local Solidarity - Butt - frying – your

College courses:

- Muslim female students

- Health Studies

- Food and Nutrition practical and theoretical

- Aesthetic culture (sewing and detail - craftworks - Design - Arts)

- Program to save the Koran - Lectures - Seminars - Workshops

- Agriculture program - the division of seeds in the agricultural season.

The real impact of the Community College: -

Blue Nile region is war-affected areas so it had to be taken care of it to reduce these effects from our society to exchange their economic and social status, the University of the Blue Nile concerns with contributing the development community has targeted the women's sector grand influence in the development and nurturing community and its development.

Women targeted sector for big impact in the development and upbringing of society and its development.

Second: Specialized courses (TOT)

The college organizes courses in areas (health, food, environment, culture, aesthetics, Islamic Studies for those who are characterized in each area, so as to raise the practical and theoretical level, and absorbed as trainers, in collaboration with the relevant experience in the relevant field

Third: Cultural and social activities:

The community colleges in collaboration with graduates .and citizens in the region where the colleges are established, and covers a lot of cultural, social and advocacy programs including workshops teaching the Koran, advocacy and aid, conflict resolution, finance, culture elections, bookkeeping and administration purchases ..... etc.

Fourth: Il literacy programs:

Community colleges interested in literacy and style to take the piece of persuasion through the reality of living for women where its notification of the importance of literacy in order to enrich the proceeds gained from the skills and knowledge.

Future Vision:

1. The college aims to spread its programs all over the Blue Nile State in their general distribution centers across geographically, also seeks to promote artistic and technical education, literacy and the development of small industries, which contributes effectively to create job opportunities for the various segments of society.

2. participate in development and peace in the region

3. Achieve a better life and a broader concept includes individual and spiritual, social and physical dimensions.

4. Lift the spirit of sharing and understanding, communication and self-reliance and the fight against poverty and unemployment run.

5. Develop a sense of responsibility towards the community properties.


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