1. Provide higher education in accordance with the quality and efficiency standards and is capable of providing the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills of the labor market

2. Availability to higher education opportunities to all on the basis of competence and merit

3. The preparation of the scientific and technical frameworks in various fields and disciplines

4. The dissemination of science and knowledge through scientific research and the development of local technology

5. Maintaining societal values


Strategic Objective:

Provide a high quality education and is able to provide citizens with the necessary knowledge, skills and align its programs to the needs of society and the labor market and equitable distribution of opportunities for access to higher education and make it available to all segments of society.


General goals:

1. Higher Education plays a leading role in the economic, social and cultural change through its impact on the individual and society

2. Building partnerships and networks with academics and concerned for peace and education in civil society in order to create a more pronounced trend in the peace building process.


Strategic Objective priorities:

1. Achieve a comprehensive peace settlement that will restore life to normalcy in the state of Alltel Blue

2. Restore security to the entire population and provide guarantees and incentives for displaced people to their homes, and provide development support for the citizens in their areas of origin

3. Restructuring of humanitarian operations and directed in order to shift the focus from relief to long-term development

4. Attract regional and international support to consolidate the gains made in the peace process and to support any agreements in the future.

5.Promote reconciliation between the components of the Blue Nile community, and take advantage of the native mechanisms to resolve conflicts and restore harmony and cooperation among all segments of society.


Main Goal:

Enhance Studies on development and Sustainable Peace in Sudan specially in Blue Nile Stat.


 Objectives :

1- Support and develop programs of peace and development of social, cultural and economic , investigation of national unity
2- Conduct research and studies related to peace and development in Blue Nile State
3- Work on the consolidation of peace and development programs in Blue Nile State
4- Work on spreading the culture of peace.
5- Interest in studies and research on the effects of the prevention of conflicts.
6- Providing information and statistical data accurate and renewable upon. request and access them easily to the concerned authorities.
7- Cooperation with government and private agencies to achieve the objectives of the center.
- To support and promote women's issues and child and activate their role in society.

9- Support, develop and promote the human rights issues


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