Faculty of Higher Studies and Research


In order to achieve the objectives of the university in the areas of teaching, training and research, has started the idea of the College of Graduate Studies and Research in Blue Nile University in 2007, the decision of establishment of the decision of a conciliator from Mr. Rector idea turned into reality in March of 2008, the settings have been completed preliminary where approved, academic regulations for postgraduate diploma programs and master's degree and doctorate in May of 2008.

Main objectives of the college:

- Planning and developing of graduate and research programs in the context of education and national development plans.

- Confirming the identity of the nation and Tasblha through scientific research and curriculum approved by the university.

- Coordinating of Graduate Studies and Research Programs and valuing the bonds of scientific communication with universities and researches centers all over the world .

- Conducting scientific and applied research related to the renewable and for the sake of his service and elevate it down to quality and excellence according to the criteria needs of society.

- Concerning human development issues thought and religious values that would improve mankind.

- To provide and meet the rehabilitation needs and specialization at the level of higher diploma and master's degrees, and doctoral degrees.

- Prepare students and give them the academic degrees.

Administrative Structure:

- Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

- Graduate Registered

Graduate programs:

The College of Graduate Studies & Research seeks in coordination with the College of Education, and the Faculty of Economics, and the College of Engineering - Blue Nile University to introduce the following programs to be the beginning of the activity of the Deanship.

- Higher Diploma in Education

- Higher Diploma in English Language

- Master of Arabic language and literature.

- Master of Education and sciences.

- Higher Diploma in Business Administration

- Higher Diploma in Accounting

- Higher Diploma in Economics

- Master of Business Administration

- Master of Accounting

- Master in Economics

- Master of Engineering Maintenance

- Master of Engineering Management

The general features of the programs

The School of Graduate Studies and Research award scientific Degrees to the programs above through courses and supplementary research, and these include such programs on a range of courses in the fields of education ,psychology and the Arabic language, which enable the student to deepen the scientific consciousness studies and research that make him to able participate in his community service and ambition to achieve comprehensive development through expanding the base of scientific research in the area of specialization. curriculum is taught according to the credit hours of credit hours.

Graduate student Higher Diploma after successfully completing two semesters, applied research and writing in one of the disciplines of Educational Sciences then received the end of the second semester, but not later than two semesters (one academic year)

The master's student in Educational Sciences and the Arabic language, is graduated after finishing two semesters successfully rate of not less than 65%, then pass the final supplementary exam of search (discussion)

• Study System: Diploma, and master's courses through the Arabic language and education is based on the direct relationship between the student and the college. The student has to attend lectures and commits with all of the college by laws

Target groups:

- Higher Diploma: This program is for all of graduated students , except the students of education those who have received academic education in any of the institutions of higher education in the areas of specialization (scientific and literary) and are working or want to work educational field . education, so as to prepare them professionally and provide with necessary educational skills and experiences to practice the profession of education effectively and efficiently.

- Master: Arabic language and literature: - The program targets graduated students from the college of education, arts and Arabic language.

- Educational Sciences:- The program is targeted for graduates of colleges of education at all.

Admission requirements:

- Higher Diploma in Education: registration requires higher diploma to award bachelor's degree at the University of the Blue Nile or equivalent.

- The student should be scattered in whole or in part, according to the study requirements.

- That the student provides written consent from the server full-time college or partial throughout the period of study.

- That the student should submit to pay all expenses or a certificate of guarantee from the party that will be covered by paid.

- A student should be in an appropriate state of health, and pass inspection.

- Master's degree in Arabic language and literature.

- The registration for the degree of Master in Arabic Language and Literature obtain a bachelor's degree honor specialty Arabic language at the University of the Blue Nile or equivalent.

- Master's degree in education and sciences: registration is required for the degree of Master of Education and sciences to obtain a Bachelor of Education at the University of the Blue Nile or equivalent magna cum laude.

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