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Policies and objectives of the university:

University operates according to the general policy of the State in order to reach positive participation in social and economic development for the purpose of access to healthy and sound society.

The policy University seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Confirming the identity of the nation through a curriculum approved by the University and applied.
  • Innovation and technology employed to serve the Sudanese society.
  • Conducting scientific and applied researches related to the various and renewable needs of community in order to improve its service.
  • Interest in earth sciences, mining and industry, engineering, medicine within the framework of general concern for the development of Sudan.
  • Attention to human thought and development, and the main value issues.
  • Qualifying our cadres from technicians and counselors and interact with citizens in rural areas then understanding their problems and prepare scientific plans and strategies to develop their abilities.
  • Taking care and saving our Sudanese environment in public and certainly in Blue Nile state and rehabilitation staff is capable of solving the state upgraded environment-related issues.
  • Prepare students and give them a scientific vacation.
  • Spreading the culture of peace in the region.

The university administration is composed of the University Council, and director of the University and his collaborators in multiple executive departments and roles that are integrated in order to upgrade the performance and conduct of the work in accordance with the plans and policies set forth by the University Council and sponsored by the president of Sudan .

University Council consists of forty members, twenty-one of them from outside of the university, including Chairman of the Board and require one to be with efficiency and competence and interested in education and national issues, and nineteen members from within the university. Respect to the University Council to consider the policies and the university's plans to develop, such as the establishment of colleges, schools and centers, institutes and departments, hospitals, institutional investors and leave their own statutes, is also interested in the development and the development of the university and the financial performance tuning.

Professors Council:

Professors Council is headed by Director and member of the Director and his deputy, composed and Clail University and secretary of Scientific Affairs (Council decision) and the deans and directors of centers and units and heads of departments and faculty of the body are arranged in professorial members.

Professors, Council to specializes to prepare the conditions and systems for scientific qualifications required for admission of students to study university and rehabilitation, and regulations of the examinations and the granting of degrees and awards and honorary degrees, and encourage research and authoring and publishing and consider the organization of colleges, schools and institutes and departments policies.

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